SANSA's strategy was developed with consideration of various national strategies and plans. Among these are the Ten-Year Innovation Plan (TYIP), The National Space Strategy, and the South African Earth Observation Strategy. At a broader national level, consideration of the New Growth Path and the National Development Plan: Vision for 2030 find relevance.

SANSA has five strategic programmes, namely, Corporate Support, Earth Observation, Space Operations, Space Science and Space Engineering. The SANSA Corporate Support Programme will ensure SANSA functions optimally with good corporate governance and operational efficiency within the Agency. The Earth Observation Programme will focus on utilisation of space to address day-to-day societal needs including resource and environmental management; disaster management; food security; global change monitoring; health, safety and security; planning, development and service delivery monitoring. The Space science Programme will drive scientific enquiry, knowledge creation, technology development and innovation. The Space Operations Programme will be the vehicle through which SANSA interfaces with space assets and supports the international space industry and, by so doing, elevate the country in the community of space faring nations. The Space Engineering Programme will drive the maintenance of our satellite manufacturing capability to ensure a level of self-reliance and develop local technologies and skills.

These programmes will enable SANSA to fulfil its mandate and drive the implementation of the National Space Strategy.




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