Join us for a space engineering industry seminar



SANSA is hosting its first space engineering industry seminar to create a platform for debate and promote inclusiveness in the revival of the South African space engineering industry.

South Africa continues to be an important global player in space science and technology. The two mini-satellites (Sunsat1 and SumbandilaSat) and the CubeSat (TshepisoSat) put South Africa on the world map as a participant with space engineering capabilities within the satellite class-range of nano to micro- satellites. The Houwteq space environmental testing facilities also gives South African technologies the required competitive-edge and boost existing space capabilities.

Like many other developing nations, South Africa uses space resources for communications, remote sensing, navigation, research, and development activities. South Africa's space heritage needs to be nurtured in order to develop an independent engineering capability that contributes to technology research in ultimately developing our own satellite missions. This approach will help improve our economy through space related activities.

Government departments such as the DST, the dti and the DoC are taking the lead in the advancement of space in South Africa. Academia and the local industry have also been very instrumental in keeping the local space industry active and relevant.

Current overview suggests that there are individuals/ company's seeking opportunities for investment in the local space industry. Where are we as a country and how do we progress this vision of a sustainable space engineering industry?

The format of engagement is that of a panel discussion. If you are interested in attending please register





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