March 22 is World Water Day

Today is World Water Day – a day to acknowledge the global water crisis and take action to save water. Communities are called upon to conserve water in order to ensure sustainability.

The World Water Day 2017 is celebrated under the theme "Wastewater: The Untapped Resource". As part of this day's celebrations, we demonstrate the value of earth observation in water resource management.

SANSA continues to map South African open water resources (such as dams, rivers, and lakes) and also assesses the quality of water in some of the economically important water bodies using earth observation satellite images. The water quantity and selected water quality (chlorophyll-a concentrations) products are accessible to the public from SANSA website

The Sustainable Development Goals, launched in 2015, include a target to ensure everyone has access to safe water by 2030, making water a key issue in the fight to eradicate extreme poverty.

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