The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) was established in 2010. Following a period of rapid growth and transition the agency has made significant advancements towards addressing its mandate of deriving greater value from space science and technology for the benefit of South African society.

Bulletin 2017-09-13

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CURRENT CONDITIONS:  Two C-class X-ray solar flares have been observed during the past 24 hours. Solar activity is low with background X-ray flux at lower B-class levels. The solar wind speed is elevated with speeds between 500 - 600 km/s due to the arrival of a CME observed on the 10th September. Local geomagnetic conditions are at unsettled to active levels. Local HF working frequencies are near monthly average predicted values

OUTLOOK: Solar activity is expected to be low with background X-ray flux at lower B-class levels. There is only one active region 2680 visible on the solar disk with simple magnetic configuration and no major flaring activity is expected. Solar wind speed is expected to remain elevated due to the arrival of a high speed stream from coronal hole 30 (CH30). Geomagnetic conditions are expected to be mostly unsettled to active with a chance of minor storm levels. High latitude HF communications may be disturbed due to high energetic particle event.

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