Submitted Tenders

Bid opening -Event organiser.pdf

Bid opening Building Maintenance.pdf 

Bid Opening-list High Tension.pdf

Bid Opening-list Cisco.pdf

Submitted Bids - Legal Panel.pdf

Bid Opening-list of bidders Dark Fibre.pdf

Bid Opening-list of bidders 5.4m.pdf

Bid Opening-list of bidders-Garden Services.pdf

Bid-opening Management-Supervisory Staff Training.pdf

Submitted Bids - SPD Software.pdf

Submitted Bids - Marketing and Communications Panel.pdf

Submitted Bids - External Audit services.pdf

Bid Opening - Internal Audit.pdf

Bid opening Civil Consultants.pdf

Bid Opening-Turnkey solutions.pdf

Bid Opening- Cleaning Services.pdf

Bid Opening-civil works2.pdf

Bid Opening - Courier Services.pdf

Bid Opening- KU HBK-07 ACU UPGRADE.pdf

Bid Opening-Self bunded diesel tank.pdf

Bid Opening ERP System.pdf

Bid Opening-Monitor control room.pdf

Bid Opening-list of bidders General Dynamics.pdf

Bid Opening-Ku Band converters.pdf

Bid Opening - Comprehensive Travel Management v2.1.pdf

Bid Opening - Events Management Services.pdf

Bid Opening- Public Relations.pdf

Bid Opening- Business Process Review 3.pdf

Bid Opening-Provision for External Audit Service.pdf

Bid Opening- Workforce Plan.pdf

Bid Opening-SAP.pdf

Bid Opening-Courier services v1.pdf

Bid Opening-Comms Support.pdf

Bid Opening-E-SCM.V1.pdf

Bid Opening- Panel of Legal.pdf

Bid Opening- Insurance.pdf

Bid Opening-HR Related Services.pdf

Bid Opening- Space Project Management.pdf

Bid Opening- Space System Engineering.pdf

Bid Opening - Finance Training.pdf

Bid Opening - ICT Training.pdf

Bid Opening - Management and supervisory Training.pdf

Bid Opening - SCM Training.pdf

Bid Opening -Soft skills Training.pdf

Bid Opening- Employee Benefits 2.pdf

Bid Opening ICT Services EO.pdf

Bid Opening -Internal Audit Services.pdf

Bid Opening - Preferred Suppliers for Public Relations Services.pdf

Bid Opening-list of bidders-EO-002-10-2014.pdf

 Bid Opening Cisco Maitenance.pdf

Bid Opening Dual Converters.pdf

Bid opening Security Service.pdf

Bid Opening - CO-031-03-2015Online Advertising.pdf

Bid Opening - CO-032-03-2015 Recruitment Services.pdf

Bid Opening - CO-033-03-2015 Advertising.pdf

 Bid Opening - Payroll Outsourcing System.pdf



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