Bulletin 2018-02-08

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CURRENT SPACE WEATHER CONDITIONS: Two C-class x-ray solar flares are observed from active region 2699. Solar activity is low with background X-ray flux at lower B-class levels. The solar wind speed is gradually decreasing to background levels, with speeds from 420 - 350 km/s as the influence of a coronal hole 66 (CH66) wanes. Local Geomagnetic conditions are at quiet levels. Local HF working frequencies are near monthly average predicted values.

OUTLOOK: Solar activity is expected to remain low with background X-ray flux at B-class levels. Active region 2699 may produce further C-class x-ray solar flares with a chance of an M-class solar flare. Solar wind speed is expected to be at background levels. Geomagnetic conditions are expected to be mostly quiet with a chance of unsettled levels.

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