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Nolo (Lehlogonolo) is a grade 11 learner at St. Marys DSG (Pretoria) school who approached SANSA to complete her requirement of a “Work Experience Day”.


SANSA pursues multiple opportunities to expose as many young South Africans to the growing local space science and technology arena in the country. The outreach teams from the various SANSA programmatic areas came together to explain to Nolo, the work the Agency does in the specialised area of space, both locally and abroad.


On Nolo’s arrival, she was given a tour of the Space Operations facility. She then had an opportunity to engage with various staff members and learnt about maintenance and signals and even got a demonstration on the oscilloscopes after being exposed to information on the other exciting careers available across the Agency disciplines.


Her information-packed and inspiring day was wrapped up with a few photos and a space agency goodie bag. Nolo is now determined to pursue a career in science and hopefully join the Agency in the future.



14th International Conference on Space Operations

IMG-20160516-WA0000SpaceOps 2016 was hosted by KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) and took place from 16-20 May 2016 at the Dajeon Convention Centre in Korea. SANSA was represented by executives and operations teams. The purpose of the SpaceOps Conference is to create a global professional and technical network of space operations experts in academia, government and industry. There were be panel discussions and presentations which will play a vital role in the dissemination of information between numerous space agencies.

Successful space launch supports this festive season

telstar-12v  1 Telstar 12V satellite

The festive season is generally a time of rest for many people, however, SANSA is always dedicated to the service of humanity through space and technology and space launches are big business.

The month of December began on a high note with the launch of the Telstat 12V satellite which is also known as Telstar 12 Vantage. This 4,900-kilogram spacecraft is intended to replace the sixteen-year-old Telstar 12 satellite. SANSA provided both the Transfer Orbit Support (TOSS) as well as the In Orbit Verification (IOV) component.

On 17 December, the launch support team had its second challenge for the month, the launch of the European Galileo constellation comprising of the launch of both Galileo FOC-8 and FOC-9 on the same Soyuz rocket. SANSA supported both satellites from launch until it was handed over for operations on Christmas day.

The launch of AMU-1 satellite took place early on the morning of 24 December, and the team was tasked with the first acquisition following launch. AMU-1 is a Russian communications satellite. SANSA supported the AMU-1 TOSS mission until release on 1 January 2016 at 23:48 am.

SANSA is proud of the continued excellence of the technical and operational support teams at their Space Operations facility in Hartebeeshoek for a job well done!

South Africa at Space Ops 2015 meeting


SpaceOps 2015 meeting is currently underway in Cape Town. SANSA is representing South Africa through Space Operation's MD, Raoul Hodges, Eugene Avenant (Chief Engineer) and Tiaan Strydom (Business Development Manager).

International delegates representing space agencies such as NASA, ESA and Jaxa, to name a few, are participating in this meeting to discuss relevant topics around space operations. Over the next few days the committees will finalise the organisation and participation in the next SpaceOps conference taking place in Deajeon, South Korea in May 2016.

SANSA will be participating as a member of the organisation.


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