Science Advancement

Through innovation and foresight, we are expanding knowledge, fostering new technologies and developing space applications that will benefit society as a whole.

In order to address the country's skills needs in the Science, Engineering & Technology (SET) domain, SANSA uses the novelties associated with space as a vehicle to stimulate interest in SET. This is achieved through school outreach programmes, learner visits to SANSA facilities, and educator programmes.  In line with these aims, SANSA undertook the following activities:

Cell C’s Take a Girl Child to Work initiative

On the 31 May this year, the Space Operations and Earth Observation directorates of SANSA participated in Cell C's Take a Girl Child to Work initiative. Aimed at exposing young girls to the "world of work", this initiative is also helping to address the issues that concern our youth as two of the nine challenges identified by Trevor Manuel's National Planning Commission earlier this year.

Man in the Making campaign

Boy- learners from several schools around Pretoria were transported to Hartebeeshoek to attend the "man in the making" campaign aimed at paying attention to the boy child.

The SATSA FP7 Project

As part of the SBAS Awareness and Training for South Africa (SATSA) FP7 project undertaken by SANSA SO, GMV, NDconsult and AplhaConsult, the first session devoted to GNSS and SBAS Basics was concluded at the SANSA Space Operations Minitrack training facility at Hartebeesthoek from 7 – 10 May 2012.

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