Exciting opportunities at the Space Agency

SANSA is embarking on a drive to foster the development and growth of a viable space industry in South Africa. The envisaged space industry should be sufficiently large and diverse
enough to meet national needs and goals on space, and will ultimately be the primary custodian and developer of our space technology base, including capabilities to design, build and where and when appropriate, operate space and ground-based assets.

The agency is offering the following vacancies for taented South Africans who can make a valuable contribution to the space industry of this country.

 - Executive Director: Space Programme (Pretoria) – 5 Year Contract

- Space Industry Development Specialist (Pretoria) - 1 Year Contract

- Software Developer (Contract)

- Engineer (2 year contract in Hermanus)

Should you be interested in applying, please register your detailed CV at http://www.sansa.org.za/careers/vacancies

We wish you the best of luck!

Space in our daily lives

South Africa is in the race for space through exciting and innovative opportunities managed by the South African National Space Agency (SANSA). The intention is to bring a benefit to our citizens and the global community.


This World Space Week, an initiative by the United Nations to acknowledge the strides made by humanity in space and the impacts of these on our lives, is celebrated around the world from 4-10 October. The theme for 2013 is 'Exploring Mars, Discovering Earth' which may not appear very relevant to the direction taken by SANSA, however, the Agency provides support and research opportunities for astronomy and potential space travel through collaboration with local and international educational institutions and organisations.

The focus for SANSA is to bring the benefit of space science and technology investment back to South Africans through various space programmes from Earth observation and space science research to providing space operations support and exploring the space engineering competencies through development of our next satellite (EO-SAT1).

Celebrating World Space Week 2013

Bringing you the benefits of Space


At SANSA, Space is the life blood of all our people and integral to how we function every day. Without the access to satellites for cellphone communication, digital television, ATM and GPS technology, we would find life a little more difficult that we currently do. Apart from these amazing technological innovations, space science and technology provide us with valuable information to better plan our housing and infrastructure, manage our natural resources and natural disasters as well as monitoring for the safety and security of our country.

This World Space Week will see the Agency showcase some exciting developments and innovations to provide the latest technology, products and services to our stakeholders and partners.

Watch this Space for more updates!



SANSA CEO receives Old Rhodian award

Rhodes University held their Old Rhodian Awards this weekend to Old Rhodians who through their individual actions and achievements have enhanced the reputation of the University. The Award is specifically intended to acknowledge Old Rhodians as role models and in essence is the greater family of Rhodes rewarding one of their own.

Dr Malinga1

Among the list of distinguished guests who received awards is the CEO of the South African National Space Agency, Dr. Sandile Malinga. He received the Old Rhodian Award at a function in Grahamstown on 24 August 2013.

Dr Malinga, holds a PhD in Physics from Rhodes University and is passionate about ontributing towards making the young Space agency a successful contributor to developing the knowledge economy of South Africa. As the first head of the Agency he is determined to leave a legacy for the youth of this country and has always been committed to encouraging the uptake of science and mathematics among learners and students through his mentorship of young scientists.

Dr Malinga encompasses everything that we should be striving for in role models from our graduates in this country. He has contributed to the South African Academic sector, the National Facility sector, the communities of all the towns in which he has lived, and to the nation through his current position.

Dr Malinga completed his honours degree, MSc and PhD degrees in Physics at Rhodes University and was the first black PhD candidate in Space Physics in South Africa. As well as being a graduate of Physics, Dr Malinga was first a sub warden and then a residence warden at Rhodes for a number of years. During that time he mentored many young students, and was seen as a role model for what it is possible to achieve.

Press statement by Minister Derek Hanekom

Press statement on the absorption of SunSpace's core capability

The Minister of Science and Technology, Mr Derek Hanekom, welcomed the decision by the majority of SunSpace's creditors to accept the Department's offer of R55 million for the institutions intellectual property and tangible assets.

This decision was recommended in a business rescue plan compiled by a practitioner appointed
by the SunSpace Board.

The offer was made on the basis of an independent evaluation of SunSpace's intellectual property and tangible assets.  The offer is in line with a Cabinet decision that the satellite manufacturing company be absorbed into the South African National Space Agency (SANSA). SANSA has entered into an agreement with Denel Dynamics to house the SunSpace capability.

As part of a process of absorbing SunSpace's capability within an appropriate entity, the company's employees have been offered employment in the new business unit, and most of them (more than 80%) have accepted the offer thus ensuring that key capabilities are retained.  In this way, South Africa will retain the critical home-grown capacity developed by SunSpace.

The Department anticipates that the absorption process will be completed by the end of this year.

The core capability of the satellite manufacturing unit will be used to develop and broaden a competitive satellite manufacturing industry in South Africa. The capability will be developed to serve the satellite development needs of the country and the rest of Africa, as well as other regions of the world.

Issued by the Department of Science and Technology.


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