Cosmo City

SPOT6 image captured in 2016 showing a view of Cosmo City from space. Cosmo City which lies to the northwest of Johannesburg’s city centre is R3,5-billion greenfield project developed in an environmentally sensitive area. Large amounts of space were reserved for conservation purposes to protect indigenous fauna and flora. The suburb is not only a welcoming haven for people of all social and financial backgrounds but also a testament to innovation and sustainable development practices. The city of Johannesburg embarked on an ambitious solar geyser project, the first of its kind, which saw the fitment of geysers and solar panels to residents homes. Satellite imagery from sensors such as SPOT 6 and 7, afford analysts and town planners in government critical geo-intelligence needed for developments such as Cosmo City.

Image credits:
Produced at SANSA Earth Observation. SPOT6: Copyright © 2013 Airbus DS. All rights reserved.


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