Natural Wonders of South Africa Series - The Orange River

Landsat 8 false colour composite image showing a portion of the Orange rive. Acquired on 22 March 2016, the 564 band combination shows built-up features for Upington, Northern Cape in shades of pink, purple and grey, water in black, and healthy vegetation and irrigated fields as bright red. The heart shaped structure visible on the eastern bank is Khi One Solar, a 50 Megawatt solar power plant.

The Orange river is the longest river in South Africa. For millions of years diamonds have been carried to the Atlantic by the Orange River, making it one of the richest alluvial diamond fields in the world. As the collection point for the majority of South Africa's water, the Orange River plays a major role in supporting agriculture, industry and mining.

Image credits:

Produced at SANSA Earth Observation. Landsat imagery courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and U.S. Geological Survey.

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