The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) was established in 2010. Following a period of rapid growth and transition the agency has made significant advancements towards addressing its mandate of deriving greater value from space science and technology for the benefit of South African society.

Sentinel-2B for enhanced decision-making in agriculture and food security

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The successful launch of Sentinel 2B on the 7th of March 2017 provides the users with great wealth of data required to monitor the environment and manage food security. Sentinel 2B is part of the sentinel 2 mission that carries an innovative wide-swath high-resolution multispectral imagery with 13 spectral bands perspectives of our land and vegetation.

Sentinel 2A was launched on 23 June 2015 and has been contributing to a number of national, regional and international initiatives on agriculture and environmental management.

image-of-the-week-2017-03-09-City of Cape Town Municipality

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City of Cape Town

Sentinel-2 satellite image acquired 10 February 2017 showing the City of Cape Town Municipal boundary (20-meter spatial resolution). The false colour urban composite (R:12 G:11 B:5) shows built –up areas in purple.

Learn more about Cape Town’s vision for the City through the link provided below:
Cape Town’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP) 2012-2017

Map credits: SANSA, Earth Observation Directorate.

Topographic data: National Geo-Spatial Information (NGI), RSA.
Image credits: Sentinel-2: Copernicus Sentinel data 2017.

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