The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) was established in 2010. Following a period of rapid growth and transition the agency has made significant advancements towards addressing its mandate of deriving greater value from space science and technology for the benefit of South African society.

CEO is new VP on IAF

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IAF Federation 


The International Astronautical Federation (IAF) was founded in 1951 to foster dialogue between scientists around the world and support international cooperation in all space-related activities. It is the world’s leading space advocacy body with over 300 members, including all key space agencies, companies, societies, associations and institutes across 66 countries.


Annually the Federation makes changes to the Elective Officers at the IAF Bureau to accommodate the growing number of space nations and organisations and to enable an exchange of knowledge, skills and influence amongst all members.These volunteer officers are elected by the IAF General Assembly, in accordance with procedures established in the IAF Constitution and By-Laws.

Meet the new Managing Director for SANSA Earth Observation directorate

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Andiswa MlisaMs Andiswa Mlisa joined SANSA as the Managing Director of Earth Observation directorate on the 1st October 2017. Before joining SANSA, she was a Department of Science and Technology's Senior Science and Technology representative to the Group on Earth Observation (GEO) based in Geneva, Switzerland, responsible for the coordination of the AfriGEOSS initiatives.

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